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A crucible is a place, or situation, in which energies and forces are gathered,
concentrated and combined in order to cause change or influence development
Crucible Offerings, my sole proprietorship company, is my Crucible
and these business and personal projects are what I currently have to offer!
Bill Hanson, Victoria, BC, Canada
Victoria, B.C. &
Victoria, B.C. &
Capital Regional District
Canada & Cyberspace
(for starters)

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R/R or cassette tapes
LP, 45 or 78 records

Instructional recordings?  Audio Archives?

Recordings of your...
children, parents or other loved ones? 

Favourite music?  Custom compilations?

Play them on your computer, your
phone or any other media device.

Share them with anyone !

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Introducing the

Electoral System
Victoria, B.C. &
Victoria, B.C. &
Capital Regional District

WebEasy Linked Advt

WebEasy Computer Tutoring Advt
Victoria, B.C. &
Capital Regional District
Someone else's Victoria project I am
enthusiastically involved with as a contracto
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"IndieLeagues" surfers please note:

I am holding www.indieleagues.com and variations on that URL for a future project. If the IndieLeagues name intrigues you and you would like to be notified when the project is ready for the public feel free to add yourself to my "IndieLeagues Launch" notification list


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