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Hi Bill:

After playing the CD's you created for me from my old somewhat scratchy LP's, I want to let you know how much I am enjoying the fine job you did in not only converting the platters to CD's but actually improving their sound. Thanks to your excellent job, I can once again enjoy my old favorites! Then there is the packaging! I fully expected to receive just discs in a plastic envelop with some black pen notations as to their content. Wow! You outdid yourself there. The crystal cases and illustrations you produced make my "new" CD's look as if they had always been in that format. Thank you so much for an excellent and very reasonably priced job! Anne Forester

You have done a superb job, not only with the CD transcribing but with the packaging. It is wonderful to have these beloved old vinyl records (which I have loved for over 40 years) so easily at hand. Many thanks again! Denis Donnelly

Thanks Bill, I am very happy with the CD you produced from the cassette I gave you. It sounds great and the editing job you did on other tracks around the actual music was awesome. I especially liked that the CD is exactly on key whereas the tape wasn't. AWESOME. Thanks again. Chris Gower-Rees

Hi Bill! I dropped the CDs off to my friend today (Mrs. M.B. of Victoria). She was thrilled. I think it may have been decades since she's heard those two 78 rpm records. And they're very special because they were made 45 years ago. The singer is her son, who was then just 13, and she herself accompanied him on piano.

She told me:

"I'm delighted with his work. I'd recommend him to anyone. Reliving the past -- wow! I'm just thrilled. I'll probably play it over and over again and weep."

Take care, Grace Golightly

For many years I could not play music that had been copied onto data CD's on a regular CD player. I could only play them on my computer in a particular program and when I changed computers I lost that program which was very frustrating. Bill said he could help me and did he ever! He was able to take the files and in seemingly no time at all, I was listening to my favourite music on my CD player at home. Not only is he professional, you can't beat his prices! Thank you, Bill! June Swadron

Hi Bill, thanks for doing such a great job on the David Wiffen CD, and thanks for putting the cover on. It sounds great and I'm so glad to have those old songs to listen to and sing with again, and so easy!
Why don't you send me an e-mail promo for your service and I can forward it to my friend, also Bill, so he can consider having some of his records done as well. thanks again,

Heather Fox

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