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Whether the enterprise you are responsible for is a personal project, a small business or, a non-profit group there are times when you need to be two people to get everything done. When this is a constant state of affairs you can hire a full-time assistant but when it is periodic and, perhaps, unpredicatable that's when I can help.

I like new challenges and I would like to work with you as an "Independent Task Contractor" to help you achieve your personal, community or business goals. Feel free to talk to me about your needs in any of the following general areas that I might be of assistance to you.

Office Functions
& Administration
Internet or
Other Research
Organizing Events, Info, People, Etc. Bookkeeping
Plans/Reports etc.
Customer care
and communications
Creative thinking in a team environment Project Planning
& Development

If you are a person who would like all the details, in detail,
before you contact me feel free to check out

As an "independent task contractor" I will invoice you for services rendered on the terms set out on my Rates page and save you the administration and other costs involved in hiring a new short term employee. As a self-employed service provider you will only have to pay me for work actually done and I will be responsible for all my own taxes and other deductibles.

Check out the possibilities listed above and think about other ways that I might be able to help you move your enterprise forward. While I can't take on every possible task, I have a very wide range of experience and skills and I am open to discussing your needs to determine if I can help.

When you need help, just say ...

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