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Administration Computers Bookkeeping Sales
Research Organizing Supervision Creative Thinking
Writing Clear Communication Customer Service Phone Skills


Most of my employment and self-employment over a 50+ year working life has involved a variety of administrative and/or clerical functions as an employee, a manager or an owner of businesses in a number of different industries.   In these various capacities I have: 

  • Gathered, organized, filed, presented and utilized a wide variety of types of information for an equally wide variety of purposes.

  • Maintained stock records and designed stock control systems.

  • Processed sales orders from sign-up to follow-up and shipping.

  • Made collections of accounts receivables for my own businesses and for employers.

  • Designed (or redesigned), implemented and maintained files, forms, procedures and systems for my own businesses and for others.

  • Maintained operational clerical functions such as stock control, ordering, staff schedules and records for employers.

  • Designed & implemented a "Free Market" operational system for an auction house.

  • Prepared reports, grant applications and business plans.

  • Prepared & maintained schedules for people, activities & events.

  • Kept track of multiple tasks as they progressed from planning, development, implementation and maintenance to assessment and response.

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I am computer literate to varying degrees in a variety of types of programs and I am capable of learning new ones quickly.   

  • Bookkeeping - I have maintained accurate sets of books from setup to year end for my own businesses and for clients using the Quicken, Quick Books and Simply Accounting programs for IBM/Windows and can be up-to-speed on any comparable program in short order.  My preference is Quickbooks.

  • Databases - I have some experience with Lotus and Access plus substantial experience in setting-up and using MS Excel Spreadsheets and MS Word tables to fulfill database functions. 

  • Spreadsheets - I have setup and used complex, multi-variable spreadsheets for my own business projects and for others.

  • Graphics - I have at least basic knowledge of, and varying degrees of experience with, graphics programs such as FireWorks, PaintShop Pro, PhotoShop & Illustrator,

  • Desktop PublishingI have substantial experience with the design and layout of a wide variety of printed materials orignally in Pagemaker and CorelDraw and more recently in MS Word and Illustrator. 

  • Word Processing - Extensive experience with MS Word and enough experience with a variety of other WP programs to know that I can adapt to new programs quickly.  

  • E-mail Campaigns - I am experienced to varying degrees in Internet research, lead generation, database development, writing e-mails and implementing mass campaigns. 

  • Web Sites - I register, host, build and maintain web sites as

  • Computer Tutoring - Windows environment tutoring as another aspect of my services under the name WebEasy Services

  • thrtyrtyryt
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Graduated second in my class from 2 years of high school bookkeeping.  Since 1971 I have maintained my own books for variety of businesses and projects and since 1996 I have been keeping books for private clients in a variety of industries using the programs listed under "Computer Skills".

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While I can sell reasonably well I am better at initiating the sales process than I am at closing it.  I am most effective in a sales team with someone else doing the closing while I take responsibility for cold contacts and lead generation.   My sales experience includes selling liquor, films, rental accommodation, candles, signs, entertainment, printing, advertising, arts & crafts and business services.

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I enjoy the process of research.  I have researched information, opportunities, feasibility's, resources,  systems,  laws, markets, services, products, competition, industries, people and organizations by making use of libraries, specialty publications, government services, telephones, personal  networking and the Internet.  I always assume that people like to be helpful and most people tend to prove me right.

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At various times, in various capacities I have organized paper files, computer files, archives, inventory, shipments, supplies, schedules, premises, retail displays, exhibits, moves, freight trains, sales routes, data, information, services, promotional campaigns, events, kitchens, stages, entertainment, audiences, trades people, businesses, staff, the public and myself.

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I have interviewed, hired, trained, directed, supervised, motivated, disciplined and occasionally fired staff as a manager of businesses owned by others and as the owner of my own businesses.  I have been responsible for the activities and results of as few as one other person and as many as 20.  I have supervised casual help, clerical staff, cleaning crews, sales people, tradesmen, cooks, servers and entertainers. I have done so in auction houses, offices, commercial buildings, retail outlets, renovation sites, restaurants, nightclubs and concert halls.

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My favorite pastime is creating new things to do and new ways to do things.   I bring unique perspectives, a lively imagination and broad experience to any team effort to create products, services, methods, solutions, goals or opportunities. 

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Writing is an integral part of who I am.  I write to organize myself, to inform others, to promote ideas and to save valuable knowledge for the future.   I have written songs, poetry, advertising copy, business letters, reports, grant applications, business plans, game rules, web sites, articles and promotional materials.  I am capable of editing the works of others as well as ghostwriting for them or of writing original material on order to fill a specific purpose on their behalf.

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I have strong written and verbal language skills which have been of great value to me in working with staff, clients, associates and the public to:

  • Build communication bridges between people with conflicting perceptions, positions or purposes.

  • Participate in wide ranging discussions in a way that insures that I understand the other participants and that they understand me.

  • Present ideas and information when interviewed by broadcast or print media.

  • Serve as a company or organizational spokesperson.

  • Create win/win agreements.

  • Function as an effective information clearing centre between individuals and organizations; employees and employers; tenants and landlord, customers and company.

  • Keep client complaints and problems at a minimum during times of fundamental change.

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Most of my employment and self-employment has involved customer service as a worker, owner and/or manager in the transport, hospitality, sales, entertainment and business service industries.    In these various positions I have:

Provided service to customers at their convenience.

Dealt responsibly, effectively and considerately with a wide variety of customer concerns.

Resolved customer complaints and fulfilled their requests to their satisfaction in a manner compatible with company interests.

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My telephone skills are highly developed.  Before email it used to be my primary communication tool for cold calls, sales, organization, research, customer service, promotions and networking now it is a strong secondary tool.

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